Meet Jodi & Robin

Jodi Reeves Eyre, PhD


Jodi Reeves Eyre is an archaeologist, researcher, and writer who is passionate about preserving cultural heritage and exploring perceptions of the past.  While her first love is archaeology, she's applied her talents to managing collaborative writing projects, developing curricula, and writing about issues facing libraries, archives, and museums.


Jodi is a Registered Professional Archaeologist (285763330) and serves on the secretariat for the group EXARC, an ICOM affiliated organization representing archaeological open-air museums, experimental archaeology, ancient technology, and interpretation. She has a PhD in archaeology from the University of Exeter and is a former CLIR/DLF Fellow in Data Curation for the Sciences and Social Sciences  (2013–2015).


As a researcher, she'll find the information you need, and help you critically evaluate it. Her years of experience in digital archives help her to identify your goals and develop workflows for digital curation. As writer, she knows that, just as any writer needs good research, every researcher needs a good editor.

Robin Israel, MFA, MPA


Robin Israel is a master at identifying and filling in gaps. She’s also a Master in Public Administration and in Creative Writing. Robin has been a writer and editor for most of her life. What she loves about editing is the process of looking for and identifying gaps in logic, structure, and understanding. What you get from her editing is purposeful, clear, and accessible writing.


This same passion carries over into her research and analysis work. Robin looks for needs that are unmet and for ways to fulfill them that strengthen purpose and community. She has worked with nonprofits in the US, and all over the world, including the Peres Center for Peace in Tel Aviv, the International Rescue Committee, and on the research team for the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Rights. She has conducted organizational and program evaluations, and has developed and run educational and human rights programs for high school students, disenfranchised youth, and immigrants and refugees working toward obtaining citizenship.


Whether working individually or collaboratively, across teams and organizations, she will ask you a lot of questions and really listen to your answers. The end result is thoughtfully crafted research and analysis products that answer the questions you have, and perhaps the questions you didn’t know you had.