Writing · 14 March 2018
Academics engage in stories every day. The difficulty is seeing that story in our work and thinking about it as part of our writing. Scholars do not need to become creative nonfiction writers, but they can use narrative elements to involve readers, to make them want to read on, to discover alongside the writer. The best scholarly writing already does.

Writing · 14 September 2017
Released yesterday, the second report from participants of the CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, "A Splendid Torch: Learning and Teaching in Today's Academic Libraries", included as many exciting challenges and opportunities as the first volume, "The Process of Discovery: The CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowship Program and the Future of the Academy."

Writing · 19 July 2017
The Recipes Project consists of an international group of scholars interested in the history of recipes. Read Jodi's post, "Al the Britons doe dye themselues wyth woade: experimenting with woad and its history," here.