Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rate

E &I provides a flat fee for each project based on your needs, due dates, and projected amount of work. If it takes more time, you still pay the flat fee.

Packages and retainers may qualify for a 10% discount, and we offer a 15% discount on your next project for referrals. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for seasonal deals.


What is a package? What is a retainer?

A package combines two or more of our services. If you need research support and editing, then you can request a research + editing package. For more options, see our CONTACT page.

A retainer agreement allows you to keep us on hand for a defined number of hours each month at a recurring monthly fee. This may include a certain number of hours of research, editing a specified number of articles, or receiving feedback and guidance on a longer-term digitization project. Retainer agreements are ideal for work or projects lasting six months or more.


How do I pay you?

New clients are requested to pay 50% of the flat fee before consultation begins. You may pay by check or direct deposit. Checks may be sent to:

Eyre & Israel, LLC

3849 E Broadway Blvd #179

Tucson, AZ 85716


Where did you get the images on your home page?

The three images on our home page are public domain images made available by the wonderful Metropolitan Museum of Art: